Debra RussellWhen it comes to helping organizations articulate their project vision, then managing the project through successful implementation and evaluation, our experience is solid. We offer research expertise in ASL/English interpretation, signed languages, language acquisition and academic development in deaf children who access education via interpretation. At DLR Consulting, we employ a community consultation approach, offering support for the important projects you want to create. Several of our recent projects are listed below.

  • Ukrainian Signed Language Research Project (Ongoing): Assisting the Institute of Special Pedagogy (Ukraine) in shaping their initial descriptive analysis of Ukrainian Sign Language and subsequent teacher training materials for using USL in the classroom.

  • Balanced Literacy (Ongoing): A study conducted with Dr. Mary Ann Bibby, examining the implementation of the Balanced Literacy Project at the Alberta School for the Deaf.

  • Examination of Access to the Language of Instruction for Deaf Children (2003–2010): A study of classroom interpretation to determine impact and quality of an inclusive learning environment on deaf students.

  • Curriculum Development for the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (2005): Produced a series of three workshops for potential test takers of the Test of Interpretation (TOI).

  • Malaysia YMCA Majudiri Deafness Project (2004): Consulted on developing an interpreter training program for YMCA/University of Malaysia; assisted in developing a proposal for training teachers to teach BIM (Malaysian Sign Language).